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Manicures & Pedicures:

Designed to optimize shape, length and texture of natural nails and maintain healthy feet and hands.  All prodedures include the meticulous trimming of cuticles and dead skin, a hand/foot massage to improve circulation, and hot towel treatment followed by nail oil to encourage healthy nail growth   Pedicures also include a callus, and crack heel treatment with one-time-use pumice, file, and buffer. 


All instruments are twice sanitized in hospital-grade sanitizing solution and hospital grade UV sanitizerCan be done with shellac or regular nail polish.


Acrylic & Bio-Gel:

Bio-gel and Acrylic Nails are artificial nail enhancements and, If needed, we apply a plastic nail extension tip to achieve the desired look. 


For those seeking a more natural and glossy look, we suggest trying our bio-gel.  Bio-gel does not damage the nail bed. is breathable, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and is lighter, thinner, and more natural-looking than acrylic.  Acrylic is a liquid and powder base typically stronger than bio-gel and is great for longer, statement nails.  Acrylic provides a great base for crystals, nail decals, and design.

For both gel nails and acrylic, we can either apply regular nail polish or shellac polish.  Shellac lasts much longer than regular polish, will not see chipping, and achieves a much cleaner look. UV light is used to harden the shellac polish which also makes drying time much quicker. 

Summer Nails
Skin Care


We offer waxing services by highly trained estheticians for virtually any area of the body.  We use the most premium, Honey Wax for our waxing procedures.  Honey wax is a more organic and less irritating type of wax and is ideal for those who have sensitive or easily irritated skin. The all-natural mixture is a combination of honey, sugar, and lemon juice that is then heated in order to achieve a taffy-like consistency. We also use a sensitivity cream after waxing in order to reduce redness and calm the skin.

Milk wax is also used for sensitive areas such as the bikini area and facial waxing, as the temperature doesn’t get as hot, leading to less irritation.


I woke up like this - say goodbye to mascara forever!


Classic set - For a classic set one lash extension is applied to one natural lash which creates a beautiful natural look.

Volume set - For a volume set 3-5 lash extensions are applied to each natural lash which creates a more dramatic and full look.

Hybrid set - For those wanting  the best of both worlds. A hybrid set combines both the single, classic lash and volume las technique for a full, yet still natural look.

Lash Lift - Never touch that eyelash curler again!  A lash lift enhances one’s natural lashes through a semi-permanent curling technique.  A lifting solution and curling rod is applied to the eyelashes.  Lasts approx 4-6 weeks.

Lash Tinting - Darkening of the eyelashes using a special semi-permanent dye
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We offer a variety of facials although due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario, we are unfortunately unable to offer Facials at this time.


Mani & Pedi with regular polish - $50

Mani & Pedi with shellac - $80

Eyebrow Tint & Wax - $25

Manicure with polish - $22

Manicure with shellac - $25

Shellac application - $30 (includes removal)

Spa Pedicure with polish - $35

Spa Pedicure with shellac - $50

Spa Pedicure no polish - $33


UV Powder Full Set with shellac - $50

Bio-Gel Overlay with shellac - $55

Bio-Gel Full Set with shellac - $60

Overlay - $55

Length +$5

Eyebrows - $10

Upper Lip - $6

Chin - $6

Face - $25 and up

Half Leg - $30

Full Leg - $45 and up

Bikini Line - $20

Brazillian - $35 and up

Half Arm - $20

Full Arm - $35

Under Arms - $17

Back Wax - $35

Chest Wax - $25


Paraffin treatment for feet - $15

Paraffin treatment for hands - $10

Nail Design - $5 and up

Nail Repair - $5 and up

Jewels - $5 and up

Chrome Design - $5 and up

Facials - $80+

Prices vary - please inquire 







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